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Who makes a good rehabilitation professional?

The best rehabilitation professionals are those who are educated to work behind the scenes assisting people with disabilities to build skills, confidence, and the expectation of success in helping themselves. In this way, individuals with disabilities are empowered to take full control of their lives and take their rightful place as valued, contributing citizens.

Knowledge and practice of these principles, combined with a solid foundation of specialized education in the vocational rehabilitation field, enable dedicated rehabilitation professionals to help individuals with physical or mental disabilities who are pursuing meaningful careers to obtain gainful employment and live more independently. This is achieved through the provision of such supports as counseling, medical and psychological services, local job searches, job training and other individualized services.

The demand for qualified vocational rehabilitation professionals is expected to increase steadily during the next several years. The impact of vocational rehabilitation steadily gained momentum after Congress passed the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and subsequent groundbreaking legislation, including the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Many of the professionals who have contributed to this field since the 1970s are preparing to retire after enjoying long, rewarding careers.

This booklet has been prepared for those of you who want to know more about building a satisfying career in vocational rehabilitation. Inside is an overview of career choices and the specific educational information you’ll need to prepare for the exciting career of your choice in vocational rehabilitation.

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Find out more about Vocational Rehabilitation
(Excerpts from the Careers in Vocational Rehabilitation Booklet)
Who makes a good rehabilitation professional?
Preparing for a Career in Vocational Rehabilitation
Questions about a Career in Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Professions:
Rehabilitation Counseling
  Rehabilitation Counselors
Rehabilitation of Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Vision Impairments
  Orientation and Mobility Specialists
  Rehabilitation Teachers

Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment
  Vocational Evaluators
  Work Adjustment Specialists

Job Development and Placement Specialists
Rehabilitation of Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  Deafness Rehabilitation Professionals
  Interpreters for Deaf Individuals

Undergraduate Education in the Rehabilitation Services
  Rehabilitation Practitioners
Rehabilitation Administration
Other Vocational Rehabilitation Professions
  Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiatrists, Rehabilitation Nurses

  Prosthetics & Orthotics
  Rehabilitation Technologists
  Rehabilitation Psychologist
  Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists



Three photo one of a young woman who is a Rehabilitation Counseler with her client, Another photo showing a woman Vocational Evaluator giving an evaluation test to a male client, a third photo shows a male Prostetics Specialist working with a young male client.      

By becoming a professional in the field of vocational rehabilitation, you will have many exciting opportunities to:

• Work in a creative, compelling, professional environment infused with passion, idealism, and realism;

• Achieve your potential while empowering others to reach theirs;

• Enjoy long-term career growth potential with increasingly competitive salaries and benefits;

• Know that the goal is empowerment and the bottom line is meaningful employment; and

• Experience the deep satisfaction of making a significant impact on the quality of many lives, including your own.


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