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Undergraduate Education in the Rehabilitation Services

Graduates of four-year university programs with an emphasis on rehabilitation may qualify as Rehabilitation Practitioners, who assist people with disabilities in achieving the greatest physical, mental, social, educational and vocational potential of which they are capable. This can be a satisfying entry-level career choice for people who are interested in helping individuals with disabilities and enthusiastic about beginning a career in rehabilitation.

Common job titles for this position include rehabilitation specialist, case manager, vocational caseworker, rehabilitation aide or technician, vocational evaluation technician, alcohol and drug counselor, personal adjustment trainer, work adjustment trainer, job placement specialist, and employee assistance counselor.

Rehabilitation Practitioners perform a broad range of services and often work within teams of professionals and specialists in the vocational rehabilitation field. A typical work day might include coordinating the diagnostics and evaluation; interviewing; individual planning; arranging various rehabilitation services; assisting in selecting a vocational goal; job placement activities; providing supported employment or job coaching services; or providing personal and social adjustment services. They provide follow-up services to individuals with disabilities after other services are completed.


Individuals seeking employment as Rehabilitation Practitioners should complete a four-year university training program that results in a bachelor's degree in rehabilitation or a bachelorís degree with special emphasis on rehabilitation. Frequently, students enter an undergraduate rehabilitation training program with the intention of eventually obtaining a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling, psychology or related areas. Many gain valuable experience as a Rehabilitation Practitioner before obtaining their graduate degree.

There are approximately 50 undergraduate rehabilitation programs in colleges in the United States. In some instances, these programs offer student stipend support plus the payment of student fees and tuition.


There are currently no certification requirements for the bachelor's degree level Rehabilitation Practitioner.


Rehabilitation Practitioners may work in public and private rehabilitation agencies such as state vocational rehabilitation agencies, community rehabilitation programs, mental health and developmental disability units, evaluation and treatment centers, correctional institutions and agencies (including probation departments), voluntary organizations, client assistance programs, and centers for independent living. Many work in private industry, including personnel departments of corporations and insurance companies. In public vocational rehabilitation agencies, assistance is available for further education.


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