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Vocational Rehabilitation is emerging as the hot career choice for high-energy people who want to be creative and independent while they make a very real difference in the lives of others. Newcomers can expect to find a diverse range of opportunities offering competitive salaries and benefits.

The web site is your "online gateway resource and career exploration" site for obtaining current information related to the many exciting careers and opportunities in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Looking for an exciting job with a Vocational Rehabilitation agency or a rehabilitation educational program? The web site can assist you in exploring current job openings, rehabilitation education programs, and scholarship information from the Rehabilitation Services Administration.


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Find out about Careers in Vocational Rehabilitation by exploring our comprehensive web site
including information on more than 17 careers in Vocational Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Counselor Rehabilitation Teacher for Blind Individuals Orientation and Mobility Specialist Vocational Evaluator Work Adjustment Specialist Job Development and Placement Specialist Deafness Rehabilitation Professional Interpreter for Deaf Individuals Administrator Undergraduate Rehabilitation Practitioner Rehabilitation Psychologist Physiatrist


Find out about more than 17 careers in Vocational Rehabilitation by exploring our comprehensive 28 page booklet


Make a difference!

The demand  for new professionals is skyrocketing every year.

You can achieve your potential while empowering others to achieve theirs.

Work  in a creative, compelling, professional environment infused with passion, idealism, and realism.

Enjoy long-term career growth potential with increasingly competitive salaries and benefits.

Choose  from a diverse range of professional specialties, including vocational rehabilitation counselor, vocational evaluator, interpreter, orientation and mobility specialist, teacher, administrator, and many others.

Scholarships  and other financial aid are available for students.